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Millwide Automation


Basic and most common automation stations in Palm Oil Mill are as follows:


Fruit Reception Station
  • FFB Feed conveyor load monitoring.
  • FFB Feeding control.
  • Winch Run/Trip signal.
  • Ramp Door control.
  • Alarm setting to detect high load.
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Sterilization Station
  • PID & On/Off control for steam inlet valve.
  • Time based Pressure override control.
  • Fruit quality selection.
  • Self adjusting setpoint based on BPR Pressure.
  • Etc.
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Threshing Station
  • Thresher load monitoring.
  • Auto feeder control.
  • Tippler control.
  • Etc.
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Pressing Station
  • Cone Pressure control.
  • Digester Level control.
  • Digester Temperature control.
  • Motor Load Monitoring.
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Clarification Station
  • Pure Oil Tank level Indicator.
  • Pure Oil Tank Temperature control.
  • Dilution Control.
  • Production Oil Moisture Control.
  • Production Oil Flow Monitoring.
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CPO Storage Tank
  • CPO Tank gauging system (Volume, Density, Weight)
  • CPO Tank Level in millimeter / percentage
  • CPO Tank Temperature Control
  • CPO Dispatch Flow Monitoring
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Depericarper Station
  • Depericarper Damper control.
  • Depericarper Airlock control.
  • Destoner Airlock control.
  • Fan load monitoring.
  • Etc.
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Kernel Storage and Recovery Station
  • Winnowing Control.
  • Clay bath Control.
  • Kernel Silo Temperature Control.
  • Kernel Silo Moisture Control.
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Nut Cracking Area
  • Ripple mill load and status monitoring.
  • Conveyor load monitoring.
  • Etc.
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